5 Family Summer Activities

5 Family Summer Activities

Is summer. The sun is shining, the trees are green, and the children want to have fun. You still have to work, and your time is limited. In today’s blog, Manzanilla Sophia gives you 5 activities to have fun with the kids without having to sacrifice much of your personal time or money. You don’t need much, just a good attitude and a desire to have a good time. Keep reading to discover what you can do this summer with your children.

Watercolors in Nature

Spread a blanket or sheet out in your backyard, if you don’t have a yard but have a park nearby, you can also walk to the park. You can serve snacks for the children such as lemonade, seeds, fruits, and yogurt. The children can paint whatever they want, or choose something around the park or yard and try to imitate it in their watercolor. It is not about making the perfect watercolor, but about having a good time with the family. Try to use a blanket that isn’t valuable, so if the kids spill paint on it, it won’t stress you out. The point is to be outside, breathe fresh air and enjoy a simple activity like watercolors as a family.

Fruit Popsicles

This is one of our favorite summer activities because at the end of the day you enjoy something delicious. Choose one or more fruits that the whole family loves and buy popsicle molds. Simply remove the skin from the fruits, cut into small pieces, pour into your blender and blend. You can add yogurt or a little milk and honey. When you have a puree consistency, pour the content into the molds and freeze. If you want to make your popsicles even prettier, you can add bits of fruit to the mold and a few edible flowers. You can use Chamomile or Calendula flowers, both have excellent health benefits for your family.


After a long day, kick back and spread out a blanket on your backyard. Also, use a few pillows and blankets to keep you comfortable and warm. Make sure to turn off all the lights and wait at least 40 minutes for your eyes to adjust. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll even see shooting stars. Apply one or two drops of Manzanilla Sophia to your eyes before going stargazing to keep your eyes clean and relaxed all night. Stars are best seen in low light and after 10 p.m., depending on your location. Make sure you don’t pick a school night, so the kids can enjoy the stars and don’t have to go to bed early.

Bike riding

If your children know how to ride a bike, the whole family can go out and enjoy a sunny day on a bike. You guys can hang out in your neighborhood or go to a state park near the house. There are many options, the important thing is to have fun and use this time to enjoy the company of your loved ones. Make sure each member of the family has a bottle of water and high-protein snacks. Take breaks when necessary or when they want to explore an area. Let the children touch the plants, flowers, stones, and experiment as they wish, always being careful of poisonous plants.


Who wouldn’t like a cupcake or cookie in the afternoon? Choose your favorite recipe, you can bake gluten-free, low-calorie, regular, or just buy cookie dough from the supermarket. The important thing is to have fun with your children. If you want to try something more complex, you can make these lemon and chamomile cookies, which are very light and delicious. Let the kids help you knead dough, shape cookies, and cut flowers. They will enjoy it, they will learn the value of cooking, and they will have a good time with you, not to mention that later they will be able to enjoy the delicacies that they have prepared.

And much more

These are 5 simple options of activities to do with your children, aside from this, you can do many more things. Go swimming, go for a walk, read books, color, play theater, karaoke, and much more. We hope that our list will help you spend quality time with your family. Use the hashtag #ManzanillaSophia to show us your next family adventure. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube to learn more about Manzanilla Sophia.

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