5 Items to Keep with You This Fall

Fall has arrived, the weather is great and the trees look beautiful but that also means your nose and eyes get drippy, you are constantly sneezing, and you feel tired. Manzanilla Sophia, the best eye drops for allergies, has put together a list of essential items to keep with you this fall. Keep reading so the fall allergies don’t stop you this season.

1) Tissues

Your nose is one of the first ones to suffer the effects of the changing seasons. Prevent leaky noses with an allergy pill, neti pot and saline solution, and/or by staying hydrated. Keep tissues with you so you can always have things under control. Some natural remedies for runny noses include high-content vitamin C fruits and vegetables like bell peppers and oranges. Eat your veggies daily for a healthy respiratory system.

2) Hat & Sunglasses

Once fall arrives there is a tendency to lay off the sunscreen, hat, glasses and other forms of sun protection. Wrong ! Keep up with these items because the sun is still very bright, it’s simply hiding behind the clouds. A significant amount of UV rays still travel through those clouds and can very much give you a sunburn. So protect yourself and your loved ones by wearing the proper gear. On top of preventing sunburn, sunglasses and a hat will prevent pollen and debris from getting lodged in your eyes and hurting you during your fall adventures.

3) Eye Drops

Keep the best chamomile eye drops with you to rinse and soothe your eyes when exposed to the fall winds and pollen. Many people experience overly wet eyes with a burning sensation as a result of allergies and debris getting lodged in their eyes. Keep Manzanilla Sophia, the best eye drops for allergies, or any eye wash with you to keep your eyes safe during the fall season and throughout your adventures.

4) Medicine

Keep a good antihistamine in your purse along with some vitamin C chews. Other natural remedies include bromelain and butterbur. You can always prepare butterbur tea at home in combination with other medicine to prevent a leaky nose and eyes. For bromelain, you can prepare a pineapple smoothie, eat it by the chunks, in your rice, or with your salad whichever way, you’ll be getting all the benefits of this enzyme.

5) Water

It is essential to remain well hydrated all year long but especially during the fall season as allergies take over. Why? When you do not drink enough water your body produces higher levels of histamine which fuels allergies. So, drink enough water for your body weight and height. If you are not sure how much water you must consume, use this calculator. Staying hydrated is key to overall well-being so if you have trouble drinking water, maybe add a twist to it with some berries and cucumber.

A woman searching in her purse happily for the manzanilla sophia blog the best eye drops for allergies

We hope these tips help you mitigate your seasonal allergies. For relief from irritated or tired eyes try Manzanilla Sophia, the best eye drops for allergies, today. Your eyes deserve a break and a little pampering. Follow us on Pinterest for recipes, blogs, ideas and more.

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