5 Productivity Tools To Help You Be More Productive

Productivity is an important part of all our lives, during both work and everyday life. Sometimes, we need to utilize those productivity tools to get our errands done or our daily to-do’s in the office. That’s why Manzanilla Sophia, the best eye drops for allergies, put this guide together of the best apps to help boost your productivity!

Today, there are so many apps and tools online that you can download on your tablet or phone to better handle your professional and personal responsibilities!

1) Calendly

Great for scheduling business appointments or general meetings with your team/clients, Calendly makes it easy for you to stay on top of your day-to-day schedule in an organized manner. 

A great feature of Calendly is that you can plug in your work schedule to the app, and your coworkers can go to your Calendar to see your availability! This one is a must.

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2) Google Docs

Along with other Google apps, Google Docs is one of the most useful ones you could get! This app allows you to edit in real-time with those who you share your document with and collaborate on projects together.

By letting you edit the Google Doc on the spot, you are saving time and energy by not having to email back and forth. You can create various folders in your Google Doc app and sort all of your documents into their sections.

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3) Evernote

If you do not enjoy taking notes on paper, there’s a digital option for you called Evernote! Writing notes has never been simpler than with this app, and you can upload written notes to the app as well. 

By adding tags, you can properly organize your notes into different folders. This tool is useful, especially if you forget your notebook at home! You will always have it electronically.

A woman writing notes on a notepad on top of her laptop for Manzanilla Sophia the best eye drops for allergies
4) Toggl

Time management can be hard when you have such a busy schedule or work week…Tracking your time when completing your to-do’s for the day are great for optimizing productivity!

This doesn’t have to pertain just to work or school, but you can even use it when running errands or completing a workout.

It’s easy to lose track of time when you get in the zone, but with Toggl, you can spread out your work and get what you need to get done!

A woman drinking coffee working on her laptop for Manzanilla Sophia the best eye drops for allergies
5) Slack

Messaging made easy, Slack is the ideal tool for you and your co-workers to use as a form of communication. With Slack, you can create different channels on various topics.

From public to private messaging, this messaging tool simplifies work connections and allows you to talk to your peers in a professional setting.

An iphone on a table with the slack application logo on the screen for Manzanilla Sophia the best eye drops for allergies

Productivity tools can be useful for many reasons, but the most important is to keep you on track to meet your goals, both professionally and personally!

Setting you up for success, these productivity tools can increase your quality of life in and out of the workplace.

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Visit our Manzanilla Sophia website, the best eye drops for allergies, to learn more about the chamomile eye drops we sell for better cleansing using natural ingredients. Share this blog with your peers if you think they could benefit from these helpful productivity tools!

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