5 Reasons Why We Love Our Heritage

Being Hispanic is more than just speaking Spanish and, maybe, having a dark complexion. Our ancestors sacrificed a lot for us to live at ease. September 15th through October 15th is Hispanic Heritage month, so today, we bring you a list of all the amazing things we love about being Hispanic. Keep reading with Manzanilla Sophia, the best eye drops for tired eyes, to learn more about our heritage.

1) Family

Have you ever been to a Hispanic wedding? The entire family is on the dance floor, from grandma to the grandkids. This is the power of our heritage. Hispanic culture prioritizes family in a significant way. If our family members are not ok, neither are we. We were raised with our siblings, cousins, and sometimes even the neighbors’ kids, so family is crucial. We are very inclusive, even to the ones who may not be blood-related. This bond is so vital for our heritage because it allows us to pass on family traditions, it enables us to be better by helping and supporting others, and it simply builds a community on which we can rely should we need to. So family will always be first on the list for Hispanics.

2) Culture

Our Hispanic culture centers around loving your family, cooking delicious meals, and spending time together. Colorful dresses, special holidays like day of the dead, flower crowns, tasty tacos, and mouth-watering sweets are just a few of the many things that represent our beautiful culture regardless of which Hispanic country you come from.

3) Food

We are proud of our meals and display them as pieces of art, from handmade tortillas to homegrown vegetables. Our food takes time to prepare and is cooked meticulously to satisfy everyone’s palate but always aiming to please the elders. BBQ meats, fresh corn, patacones or tostones, tortillas, fresh cheese, empanadas, birria, horchata, chamomile tea, pupusas, and aguas frescas among others will forever be a staple of our vast gastronomical heritage.

4) Language

Being born in a Spanish-speaking country is the best thing to happen to anyone. Why? Because our grammar is a bit silly, simple as that. We have one too many hiccups for foreign speakers. It is always impressive when a person who was not born in a Hispanic country can call things by their gender. Our language makes up a huge part of our heritage, and we are expected to pass it on to the younger generations, regardless of whether we migrated overseas or not. Because being bilingual and/or polyglot opens so many doors, it is essential for our younger generations to speak several languages in Hispanic communities. Another great benefit of understanding Spanish to a native level is that you’ll also be able to understand – at a basic level – all other Romance languages. So, ensure your children, nieces, and nephews can all speak our beautiful language, Spanish.

5) Community

We are told to love our neighbor since we are children. So when it comes to community, we do not shy away. Hispanics are very reliable when it comes to offering help. If you are going through a hard time, if you need a hand with your car, if your garden needs mulching, or if you need help with an event, whatever the reason, someone will come to help you because that is just how we were raised. To do good and be good.

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Now, let us know your favorite get-together activity and meal in the comment section and share this blog with a fellow Hispanic friend. If you wish to learn more about us and why Manzanilla Sophia, the best eye drops for tired eyes, is everyone’s preferred eye drops, head to our website now. Follow us on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube for more.

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