Can I Put Chamomile Tea In My Eyes? Eye Care Tips You Need To Know

Many folk remedy believers will tell you that brewing chamomile tea and using it as an eye wash is good. Even though chamomile has great benefits, Manzanilla Sophia is here to give you better alternatives to this method. We stand by eye care without harmful chemicals. 

In this blog, you will learn three reasons why using home-brewed chamomile tea as an eye-cleaning solution may not be the best idea. We’ll discuss the benefits and risks. You’ll also get two alternative tips to soothe your tired eyes. No one should have to go about their days with eye strain. Keep reading to learn more about chamomile tea and eye care with Manzanilla Sophia.

#1 - Not sterile

Chamomile may have great benefits for eye care when ingested. But applying tea to your eyes can be detrimental. The reason why this isn’t a good idea is because it’s not a sterile solution. Whether you use loose-leaf or chamomile tea bags, you have to brew them. 

At home brews will not be 100% sterile. Bacteria can be present in the pot or container, and you will then apply that to your eyes. Remember, your eyes are sensitive and need proper care with sterilized products only. Instead of using home-brewed chamomile tea for eye care, use eye drops such as Manzanilla Sophia. These eye drops will deliver all the benefits of chamomile without any damaging microorganisms.

#2 - Can worsen eyes

Chamomile tea has excellent benefits for your skin. But you should not use tea bag compresses when you have eye infections or cracked skin. If you have conjunctivitis, your eyelids are sore and swollen. Applying tea bags can worsen your symptoms.

Using chamomile tea bags while suffering from infections can deliver extra microbes and pathogens to the infected area. This method works great for eye bags in healthy eyes but shouldn’t be used to relieve infections or other eye diseases.

#3 - Dermatitis

Another reason you should refrain from using chamomile tea in your eyes is that it may give you dermatitis, also known as allergies. Chamomile has excellent benefits. When consumed as directed it can deliver an array of health benefits to your body. But when used as an eye solution, it can have adverse reactions. 

One of those reactions can be allergies. Chamomile is a plant. Commercially sold tea bags can contain pathogens and allergens such as pollen. This can be due to improper storage before selling or condensation. People prone to allergies should refrain from using homemade brews as eye drops. Make sure to store your chamomile tea in a dry area and discard it if you notice mold building up.

Better eye care options

#1 - Chamomile Eye Drops

Instead of brewing tea and applying it to your eyes, use a trusted formula. Manzanilla Sophia is a sterile product formulated with chamomile to soothe and relax your eyes. These eye drops deliver all the fantastic chamomile benefits without worrying about allergens and bacteria.

Do you want to risk an infection or feel the great relief that Manzanilla Sophia can provide to your eyes? After long days of work, driving, or studying, treat your eyes to a few drops of this unique formula. They are homeopathic and easy to use. The entire family can use it thanks to its delicate formula. Do not suffer from tired eyes. Instead, use Sophia now.

#2 - Take a break

We get it. We’ve all been there. You want to finish that work project or see how that 200-page book will turn out. But remember, your eyes need a break like any other body part. Would you run for 12 hours straight? Unlikely, right? So why should you sit at home and watch 12 hours of tv? 

Giving your eyes a break is the best way to keep them safe and healthy. Follow the 20-20-20 rule to avoid eye fatigue and use refreshing eye drops like Manzanilla Sophia. Avoid rubbing your eyes and keep them clean to keep your vision safe and lasting for many years. If you notice blurry vision and other negative symptoms, visit your eye doctor as soon as possible. Your eyes are necessary to enjoy this world. Take good care of them. 

We hope this blog sheds light on using chamomile tea bags for eye cleansing. Remember to check your eyes often and take visual breaks as needed. Keep Manzanilla Sophia with you if you have a job that strains your eyes. Got questions? Send us a message on Facebook or Instagram. You can also find more tips on our Pinterest channel, and you can follow us on YouTube. Manzanilla Sophia wishes you a great week.

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