10 Healthy Habits For A Long Happy Life

Healthy life habits can be difficult to form but not impossible. Do you want to have a fulfilling life? If so, use that as a reason to take care of your health. Stop joint pain, bad teeth, diabetes, and other diseases before they begin. An exciting life starts with great self-care. We care about your […]

5 Items to Keep with You This Fall

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Fall has arrived, the weather is great and the trees look beautiful but that also means your nose and eyes get drippy, you are constantly sneezing, and you feel tired. Manzanilla Sophia, the best eye drops for allergies, has put together a list of essential items to keep with you this fall. Keep reading so […]

6 Ways to Decrease Stress and Be Happier

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The world we currently live in is quite stressful. We keep going in and out of a seemingly never-ending pandemic, and now onto a possible war. Times are challenging, and anxiety levels are high. Manzanilla Sophia cares about your wellbeing. So, we created a quick list that you can read while eating breakfast or dinner […]