Family Adventures With Little Ones

Why Should You Vacation With The Kids?

Vacations have a much larger impact on children than you might think. Not only do they introduce kids to new sights, but they also stimulate their brains and help them learn more about the world around them.

We might think children just want to play outside and spend money on toys. In reality, if they had the choice between that and family time, they would choose family time. Being on vacation allows all of you to unplug from work or school and enjoy bonding with one another.

Benefits outside of family include better social skills, a safe space to open up / freedom, and enhanced happiness.

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Where Should You Vacation?
Amusement Parks

Younger or older, there’s a ride for all children at amusement parks. All over the world, you can visit one of these fun-filled and thrilling theme parks during the summer for the ultimate experience.

From train rides to massive roller coasters, all of the kiddos can enjoy running around and seeking out amazing adventures in the amusement park. They have everything you need – food, drinks, games, water areas, and of course, rides.

Your kids will be exhausted after burning all those calories from the adrenaline rush they just experienced, and you can all go back to the hotel and relax for the rest of the night.

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Water. Water. Water.

There’s no doubt about it that children love playing in the water. This could be tubing, hanging out by the lake/river, waterparks, or even beaches! They appreciate it all.

Creating a sense of calmness and stress-relief for kids, they will be happy with any water vacation you take them on. Let’s start with lakes / rivers. Whether you want to stay local or travel to an international destination, lakes and rivers are perfect for exposing them to nature! There are normally tubes you can rent out, jet skis or boats to spend the day on.

If you choose the waterpark route, your kids will not be disappointed! Creating a more unique and colorful environment with their exciting rides to go on, this will allow your children to let loose and just be themselves. If they want to relax a bit, there’s normally some sort of lazy river or splash pad they can embark on!

Taking a weekend trip to the beach can be exhilarating for the kids as well! Because the water travels for thousands of miles, this can feel like a whole other world for your little ones. There’s sand for you all to build sand castles in or fun water activities like boogie boarding, beach volleyball, etc.


Channeling their inner G.I. Joe, camping will leave you and the family with no dull moments! This nature-filled adventure will allow the kids to contribute in different ways than a regular vacation. Whether that’s setting up the tent or getting the s’more station ready for the bonfire, they will love it!

You can go on daily hikes to the top of the mountains, take a dip in the nearby water, or gaze at the stars at night. This is a time to take in the stunning outdoors and just go with the flow.

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What To Pack

The packing list will vary depending on the age range of each child, but here are some basic necessities to bring for all different ages.

  • First Aid Kit
  • Baby bag (Wipes, Toys, Books, Snacks, Diapers)
  • Changing Station
  • Magic Markers + Coloring Books
  • Sun Shades
  • Toiletries (Toothbrush, Toothpaste, Deodorant, Eye Drops, Etc.)
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Change of Clothes

Always be prepared with more essential items than you think you need! There can never be enough when packing for little ones. The key is entertainment + snacks.

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