How Meditating Can Make You a Better Parent

Meditating is not only good for the ones who practice it but for everyone around them. Have you ever been so stressed over something your child did that you felt your chest get tight? Do you find yourself screaming at your children often? If that sounds like you, you may find this blog helpful. In our newest blog, we list five benefits of meditating as a parent. Come learn with Manzanilla Sophia, the best eye drops for relaxing, how to quiet your mind, learn to be at peace, and be a better parent.

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Makes You A Silent Observer

In the practices of meditation and yoga, they talk about developing your silent observer. As you meditate, your mind goes into this quiet place in which thoughts finally cease to fly through, and you are simply appreciating your surroundings, absorbing it all, and listening to your breath. This develops your consciousness and makes you non-reactive. Next time your children do something upsetting, take one minute to be a silent observer. Analyze your emotions and have a response that is beneficial for the situation. By doing this, you will invite non-violent communication in your household. This is not to say that your kids will not know discipline; they will, but from a place of love. Next time you go out in nature to observe and meditate, apply a couple of Manzanilla Sophia eye drops to relax and soothe your eyes before being exposed to wind and dust.


It is easy to be compassionate and love your children when they are being good. But things get a little difficult when your child is screaming in a supermarket store aisle or when your teenager throws a party while you’re out. Compassion towards our bad children needs to be fostered. Luckily, meditation does that for you. In the practice of meditating, we learn to be compassionate to ourselves when our minds wish to wander. Instead of talking or thinking poorly about ourselves, we deliver compassion to our inner self, propelling us into a deeper meditative state. So, at least 5 minutes of daily meditation will have a great impact on your compassion levels. 

Setting An Example

By remaining calm and at peace during difficult times or when your kids (and husband) expected you to lose your temper, you will be setting up an example of serenity and stillness. The children are being unruly already, you do not need to join them in their craziness. So next time the kids are testing your patience, look at the situation as an opportunity for growth and developing your meditative muscles. You can also teach these techniques to your children to help them control their own emotions. Teach them meditation and breathing exercises, and everyone’s lives will get increasingly better.

Happier And Refreshed

Happy parents raise happy children. If you are always stressed and anxious, your kids will pick up on that and will also be stressed and anxious. Meditation allows you to release all trapped emotions and feelings you may go through on a daily basis. Daily meditation is important because it sets up the tone of your day. Once you have had your quiet time, you will feel refreshed and ready to get your day started with a positive attitude. Therefore, your children will be excited to start their morning with you and not with a sleep-deprived, cranky parent.

Teach It To Your Children

Giving your children the necessary tools to succeed goes beyond education and financial support. Ensuring your children have a hefty emotional skill set is paramount to parenting. So, once you’ve made meditation a habit, share it with your loved ones. Spend time practicing with your children, either in the morning before any other activity or before bed. Spend whatever amount of time feels good for the kids, teaching them the value of meditation. This will help them become successful adults with emotional stability.

A happy family meditating together

So this is it for this blog. Did you find these tips helpful? Have you given meditation a try before? Leave us a comment and follow us on Facebook to share your tips on this topic? If you wish to try other wellness activities with your kids, check out our blog about yoga, or look for inspiration on Pinterest. Now, after all this reading, your eyes could use a break. Head to your nearest store or grab a bottle of Sophia on Amazon, the best eye drops for relaxing. Happy shopping!

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