Ideas For an Outdoor Family Photoshoot

Having lovely family photos is a great way to keep some memories around and, for some, to track their children’s growth. No matter your reason for taking family portraits, we want to help you with a few tips to make it easy and memorable. Keep reading to learn with Manzanilla Sophia, the best eye drops for the outdoors, about a few great ideas for a family outdoor photoshoot.

A happy family photo at the beach for Manzanilla Sophia the best eye drops for the outdoors
Location Matters:

The location of your photoshoot is crucial. Envision your family photos and what you would like them to look like, then bring that vision to reality. 

Here are some of our favorite locations for photoshoots:

1) National / State Parks

Outdoor photos always look better with a touch of nature. If you have a National or State Park near your home, then you are in luck. Find an uncrowded area where your family can spend a couple of hours taking amazing photographs and making memories. At the end of your photoshoot, you can choose a recreational hike for the family to enjoy, or you can head back to town for a lovely family meal. If you go for a hike, don’t forget to apply a few Manzanilla Sophia eye drops, the best eye drops for the outdoors, to keep everyone’s eyes clean and soothed while outdoors.

2) Gazebo / Music Venues

Outdoor music venues make lovely backgrounds. They often have backdrops and murals that bring life and a pop of color to your family photos. Look for one near your neighborhood and inquire about visiting and taking pictures in the area. We recommended Red Rocks Amphitheater in CO and the Gorge Amphitheater in WA. Public parks also have beautiful gazebos that can be used for family photography. Every town has beautiful gems to discover, so look around during your next neighborhood drive for a possible spot.

3) Trailheads

Lakes, waterfalls, and wildlife are a few things you can find in trailheads that can enhance your photography. It is not necessary to finish the trail to find beautiful spaces to photograph your family. Just get creative, have a good attitude, and make sure everyone is in the right mood. To avoid blinky, tired-looking eyes during your photography session, keep Manzanilla Sophia the best eye drops for the outdoors around, so everyone looks their best.

Themes are in:

Some families love themes for their photos, and some prefer to leave it up to each family member. If you are a theme team, here are a few options that will make your family photos stand out.

1) Color Coordinated

Having the freedom to choose your outfit while maintaining a color palette is an excellent way to ensure uniformity while giving the family’s children or young adults the freedom to choose their attire. Pick beautiful reds/yellows for fall and blues/whites for winter. You can enlist Pinterest to help you select a color palette that will suit the season and your family’s style.

2) Western / Southern

A classy country attire is always beautiful and timeless. Choose a color and a few Western or Southern pieces for everyone to wear, and you’ll have a very successful photo session. Leather jackets, good quality jeans, lofts or boots, silk shirts for the women, sports jackets for the men, hats, and scarfs, depending on the season, will have your family looking luxurious and photo-ready.

3) Elegant

A stylish suit and dress will never go out of style. Timeless photography always includes a few sleek shots. Allow everyone to choose one to two outfits. Try the outfits ahead of time to ensure they look well and put together. Simple items like heels, skirts, dresses, ties, suits, and leather shoes will make your family look classy and clean for the photoshoot. Aside from sharp suits, bright, beautiful eyes make for perfect photographs. So, give everyone a few eye drops, if necessary, to relieve their eyes before the session with the best eye drops for the outdoors, Manzanilla Sophia.

A fall family photo for manzanilla sophia the best eye drops for the outdoors

We would love to see how you put these ideas to work during your next family session. Use the hashtag #ManzanillaSophia to show us how your family session turns out. Remember to always keep Manzanilla Sophia, the best eye drops for the outdoors, with you to cleanse and refresh your eyes. Check out our blog on “10 of the Best Family Adventures in Illinois!”

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