10 Gifts To Make Your Husband Feel Loved This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is almost here. Some typical gifts include cards, flowers, and chocolates as a symbol of your affection. But if you want to step up your gift-giving game this year, we’ve got you covered. Manzanilla Sophia has gathered ten items that all men love.  Remember, Valentine’s is about showing your appreciation and love. You […]

Can I Put Chamomile Tea In My Eyes? Eye Care Tips You Need To Know

Many folk remedy believers will tell you that brewing chamomile tea and using it as an eye wash is good. Even though chamomile has great benefits, Manzanilla Sophia is here to give you better alternatives to this method. We stand by eye care without harmful chemicals.  In this blog, you will learn three reasons why […]

What Is Manzanilla Sophia And 3 Ways It Can Help Your Eyes

As a Latino brand, Manzanilla Sophia takes great pride in bringing you a homeopathic product made with chamomile. In Hispanic countries and Latino communities, chamomile is a well-known medicinal herb. From aromatherapy to teas, chamomile is always present in Latino households. Today, Manzanilla Sophia explains why we use chamomile in our eye drops and the […]

5 Reasons Why We Love Our Heritage

Women dressed up for dia de los muertos for the manzanilla sophia blog the national hispanic heritage month graphic for the manzanilla sophia blog the best eye drops for tired eyes

Being Hispanic is more than just speaking Spanish and, maybe, having a dark complexion. Our ancestors sacrificed a lot for us to live at ease. September 15th through October 15th is Hispanic Heritage month, so today, we bring you a list of all the amazing things we love about being Hispanic. Keep reading with Manzanilla […]