3 Eye Diseases To Look Out For And How To Prevent Them

A woman rubbing her irritated eyes for the manzanilla sophia natural eye care blog

Our vision is undeniably one of the most crucial human senses. Without it, many basic tasks become difficult or impossible altogether. You can slowly lose your sight due to age, weight, diet and other factors. Manzanilla Sophia brings you this informative blog to make you aware of these diseases and how you can take care […]

4 Interesting Facts about Day of the Dead

A day of the dead calavera skull for the Manzanilla Sophia blog about Mexican Culture

Celebrated on November 1st and 2nd, day of the dead is a very important celebration in Mexican culture. It is a time to honor the lives of the ones who have left this world and remember their spirits. So, what exactly does it entail, and why is it important for Mexican culture? Well, Manzanilla Sophia, […]

5 Easy And Healthy Fall Recipes For Busy Moms

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As the leaves start to change color and the days get shorter, we all know that autumn is on its way. With it comes a new variety of delicious fruits and vegetables to enjoy. If you’re looking for some easy and healthy recipes to ring in the season, you’ve come to the right place! In […]

5 Items to Keep with You This Fall

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Fall has arrived, the weather is great and the trees look beautiful but that also means your nose and eyes get drippy, you are constantly sneezing, and you feel tired. Manzanilla Sophia, the best eye drops for allergies, has put together a list of essential items to keep with you this fall. Keep reading so […]