Three Fun Family Adventures for the Holidays from the Makers of the Best Chamomile Eye Drops

Why Manzanilla Sophia Eye Drops Care about Family Adventures

Manzanilla Sophia is a homeopathic chamomile eye drop company that has been a staple in the Latin American community for generations. Many of us remember our grandmother creating homeopathic remedies with chamomile, such as tea, for us when we were sick as kids. With all the memories we have helped families create, there is no wonder why family is such a vital value to our chamomile eye drop brand. We are ecstatic to share three of our favorite family holiday adventures that won’t break the bank!

Adventure #1: Yellowstone, Wyoming

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If your kids are big into science or enjoy the outdoors, Yellowstone is the ideal family adventure for this holiday season. From awe-inspiring views to geysers to hot springs, there is a natural phenomenon for each family member to geek out over. Watch the earth launch water up to 184 feet above the ground, or relax by the Mammoth Hot Springs for a nice outdoor sauna to keep you warm (Note: do not swim in the Mammoth Hot Springs it is illegal)! Whether your family craves excitement or relaxation, experience the best of both worlds in this natural getaway. Don’t forget to keep a bottle of Manzanilla Sophia chamomile eye drops with you to keep your family’s eyes ready for sightseeing!

Adventure #2: Hershey, Pennsylvania

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Ok, who doesn’t love chocolate?! If you have never been, Hershey, Pennsylvania, is a bucket list family adventure without a doubt. For starters, it is a whole town dedicated to chocolate. What more could you ask? How about a 115-year-old chocolate-themed amusement park with over 60 rides including 15 roller coasters? They also have an outdoor waterpark, a family campground, and the all-new chocolate-themed dining establishment called The Chocolatier Restaurant. At Hershey, Pennsylvania, your family will be immersed in a chocolatey wonderland of goodness! Keep a bottle of Manzanilla Sophia chamomile eye drops with you to keep your eyes ready for the next roller coaster and get ready to indulge!

Adventure #3: Washington, D.C.

A picture of Washington D.C. for the Manzanilla Sophia Chamomile Eye Drops blog

Ahhh Washington, D.C., this city is rich with historical monuments, museums, and buildings for all the history fans out there. If you want your kids to learn while having fun this holiday season, this is the place for you. The city offers a plethora of free museums and monuments for your family to explore. This vacation allows you to give your children a fully immersive learning experience as you take them to the places where some of the most pivotal historical events have occurred. The city also offers plenty of affordable eats and transportation options to navigate you through your adventures. Keep your vision clear as you gaze at the historical monuments with the Manzanilla Sophia chamomile eye drops!

We hope these adventure ideas help your family make this holiday season magical and create lasting memories for you to look back on! We carefully picked out vacations that appeal to every family’s interests and look forward to hearing the stories you create. Family is what Manzanilla Sophia chamomile eye drops value most. We take pride in bringing families together. For more family adventure ideas and helpful tips, check out our blog page!

Do you have any holiday adventure ideas for your family? We’d love to hear them! Share them with us as a comment on some of our social posts! You can follow us on Instagram or Facebook. Thanks for reading!

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